WoW Exploited, Part 2 by Linkar
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WoW Exploited, Part 2

Linkar Exploration

Wow Exploited, Part 1 Fly Into Exploration, made by Geek33

This is the sequal to Geek33's awesome movie Fly Into Exploration. It builds further on the methods he developed. If you like this movie be sure to watch part 1, made by Geek33 himself.

Showing places you never even thought were reachable in WoW, and even better I show them all on live servers. How about the inside of Karazhan or the next battleground Aszhara Crater? So why should you download this big movie? Well the quality is really nice, it shows never before seen places and it shows new exploring methods that works in 1.9! And this is exploration with rock music! If that isn't a good enough reason to download it, my name aint Linkar!

Everything done live on blizzard realms with no hacks(third party software). A BIG thanks to Geek33 for discovering one of the methods shown in this movie.

Note: This is not a tutorial, wich means that i wont always show you how I did it.

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#nogg-aholic @ quakenet

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