Project RAY - Vol. 3 by Raythunda
Class: Warlock | Category: PvP | Server : EU - Arathor ( Blackout )
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My 3rd and possibly last BG/duel movie for a while, 25 minutes long, DepositFile download available - you'll need the 264 codec to watch it I believe. Sound and video quality on the stream a aren't as good as the download :[.

What to expect:

3 Duels against a spriest/arms warrior/firemage
BG clips
Killing plenty of undergeared players
Undead model edit (still :>)
Lighthearted story line (machinima) but no voice acting
Some QQ
Lighthearted comedy
Music that encourages you to turn your volume up
Some overused tracks
Notes about parts of my gameplay
A felhunter
Fast paced editing
3 2v2 matches
Some overused effects

What not to expect:

3v3 (Preparing that one hold tight!)
World PvP

Tried my hand at some machinima/storyline based production, The 3v3 movie is still in the works; this may or may not be my last bg/duel oriented movie but I hope you all enjoy it. Recorded mostly toward the end of s7, some clips before and after the conflag nerf. Arena clips were recorded at 2.6k rating (2700 mmr) against some of the highest players - respect to them for some really good games.

My armoury


Infected Mushroom - Heavyweight
Alexisonfire - This could be anywhere in the world
Disarmonia Mundi - Structural wounds
Shock One - Polygon
Dead by April - Stronger
Michael Jackson - Smooth Criminal
The Blackout - Children of the night
Reflekt - Need to feel loved (Deep Focus Incontext remix)
Story of the year - The antidote
Fort Minor - Believe me

Note: Excuse the QQ at the end; most of it is just to satisfy my "storyline" part of it is my opinion - but try not to take it too seriously...
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