Project RAY - Vol. 5 by Raythunda
Class: Warlock | Category: PvP | Server : EU - Sylvanas ( Rampage )
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Movie Summary
============ENTERTAINMENT ONLY ============

It's been a long six months since my last movie guys it's possible that this'll be my last one. This was recorded from the start of cata to 4.0.6.

I haven't had the spare time to learn new editting techniques so I apologise again for overused effects and zooms etc. The only reason I decided to make this was for the minority of the wcm community who enjoy BG/Duel movies.

So if you have anything against;

Being undead
Being a warlock
Being destruction
Being stuck in a box
Being spammed with my stereotypical music taste

Then this movie isn't for you.

This movie does not contain;

Rated BGs
Amazing players (apart from the duels)
An overpowered specc

I'd also like to mention that I make a plethora of mistakes that I could list for you but I'm sure there will be enough trolls in the comments to point that out anyway.

Sorry if you hate the music it just really makes me hard.

Sienna Skies - Heartquake
Glamour of the kill - Hope in hell
Metro Station - Shake it
Dope - Best for me
e-ZUKA - Vital mission in the spanish desert
Motionless in White - We only come out at night
Glamour of the kill - So who said romance is dead
Machinae Supremacy - A view from the end of the world

Movie was produced using;

WoW model viewer
Adobe CS3
Sony Vegas 8 Pro
h264 encode

As always the movie is primarily for ENTERTAINMENT purposes please sit back, turn up the volume, and enjoy.
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