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It's been a while now, since I have released my first machinima. Five months of script writing and development, three months of working... but Finally! I'm done with the first Trailer for my upcoming movie which will be called "Time Shift".

This is my second project since I am making machinima and it's going to be a huge one... my first machinima will be nothing compared to this. It will become a whole new action movie and its storyline will be based on the story about the Worgen told by Blizzard so far. But that is only a part of the whole "Time Shift" story. It will be connected with my own storyline to understand the whole concept. The Keepers of Time got an important role too... they are the real reason why its called "Time Shift".

You can expect a time paradoxon and many other wierd things you can do with time... I just like to play around with the timeline. ;)

The whole movie will be voiced in German! If you do not like that, you maybe should skip this, but I recommend that you should at least try and watch it. Please appreciate that we are no professional voice actors but we try our best with the voice over. I will add an english subtitle, like it is allready done in this trailer. My english is not that perfect, so I hope i won't do any major mistakes within the translation.

I expect the movie coming 2011, because I'm pretty sure I won't get it done this year.

Soundtrack: Bleach OST - Invasion
Models, grafics and some of the soundeffects belong to "Blizzard Entertainment"

Because this is a really big project and I spend most of my free time to work on it, I sure want to know what you think about it. Constructive critisicm is appreciated, but please don't be too harsh and keep in mind that this is my second project. :)
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