Time Shift - Trailer 2 by Ne0z
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This is the second Trailer for the action movie Time Shift.

I'm working on this movie for over one year now and finally decided to create a second trailer for it, though it doesn't tell you much about the story. It's meant to show you some pictures right out of the movie and in this case you'll get to see some of the darker scenes which are an important part of the movie.

But I just don't want to spoil too much with this trailer but there will be a third and last trailer for it, which I may post here on WCM a few weeks before the movie will be released.

I can't give you an exact release date right now, but I'm planning to get the movie finished at the end of the year. Yeah, that's still a long time to go, but it is quite difficult to produce such a movie and study for college at the same time.

Now about the movie itself:

Time Shift is intended to be a guild project and a full time action movie (about 60-90 minutes playtime). The whole editing, compositing, etc. is done by myself. The voice acting and ingame play is done by the guildmembers of "Dreams" and "Just Friends" and some other friends of mine.

Therefore Time Shift will be completely voiced in German language!! Because we are a German guild and it is a guild project the voice acting is going to be German aswell. Of course I'm going to add an english subtitle, but you have to accept that there is no way I'm going to add an english dub version.. I think it just would'nt sound right. I hope that doesn't disappoint you or anything and that you will still be able to enjoy the movie.

There is especially no voice acting in this short little trailer. If you want to get an idea of how it will sound like, you can go on and see the first trailer I made. The first one also tells much more about the actual storyline.

So I think that's it for now. I hope you will enjoy the trailer!

World of Warcraft Motion Picture
Graphics by Blizzard Entertainment
Voice acting and ingame Play by Dreams And Friends
Written by Neoz, Moddy and Zampirone
Directed and Edited by Neoz
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