Replace gearscore with TRH! by TotalBiscuit
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Blue Plz! The most cynical WoW podcast in the world of - presents

Yes indeed folks, Blizzard have answered your prayers. Gearscore is a thing of the past thanks to the new, innovative way to tell at a glance whether or not a player should be a part of your raidgroup. Introducing TRH, short for That Retarded Horse.

That Retarded Horse is the ideal way to quickly determine who shouldn't be in your group, with no mods required! Simply use your eyes, these are usually located in the front of your face. Direct your eyes at your game screen and observe the prospective player. Is he sitting on a dumb looking, impractical horse that he bought with real money, a reskin that he willingly sat in a queue for hours in order to purchase, with actual cash? If yes, then there is no need to invite that player. That Retarded Horse will tell you all you need to know about potential PUG members in an incredibly efficient manner. It's perfect for raid leaders, puggers and even guildmasters. Does a guildie have That Retarded Horse? Then bust em down to bencher! Want to get back at a dramallama within your guild? Tell his wife/girlfriend (ok, who am I kidding)/mother/sister/friends about how he spent real money on That Retarded Horse, sit back and watch the fireworks! It's astounding, it's amazing and best of all, it's free to use, with no downloads required!

Celebrate, dance on the rooftops, for the age of TRH has arrived.
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