Chronicles of the Gold Farmer 2! by TotalBiscuit
Class: Mage | Category: Underground | Server : EU - Mazrigos ( Reckoning )
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The following movie contains scenes of a proven goldfarmer. The actions taken within the movie are in compliance with Blizzard policy on PvP servers. No rules are violated. WoW Radio, the creator of this movie, and those involved in Project Golddigger do NOT condone the verbal abuse or griefing of ANY player, including goldfarmers, within the game. Now read this carefully.. IF YOU ABUSE ANYONE IN GAME BECAUSE OF THIS VIDEO THEN MYSELF, THE AUTHOR OF THE VIDEO, THINKS YOU ARE A BLOODY IDIOT AND SHOULD RETHINK YOUR LIFE. If you do intend to take action against people you suspect to be a goldfarmer because of this production, please do so in a legal and calm in-game fashion. PvP servers allow PvPing, they do not allow verbal or grief-abuse. This movie is produced for the purposes of entertainment and education. There is no intent to incite a breach in Blizzard Entertainment's Codes of Conduct in any way.

Chronicles of the Goldfarmer 2 is, unsurprisingly, the sequel to Chronicles 1. It is an experimental production, attempting to fuse the genres of documentary, comedy, machinima and PvP. It involves one TotalHalibut, investigating the rumours of goldfarmers on his very server. He goes in search of these mythical bot-creatures and finds a lot more than he bargained for. While the first movie centered around observation, this episode has TotalHalibut getting a bit more pro-active and demonstrating that, cheaters never win, in fact, they get turned into small piles of ash on the floor in a variety of unorthodox ways..
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