DK solo Leotheras~ by Mionelol
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Hi there~
After quite a long break I decided to solo new things that are quite exclusive again.

I don't think he's doable without Shadowmourne for the moment, unless you're fully decked in 277 gear (which I'm not, yay@welfare legendaries in alt runs) or find a new strategy. My best try with Shadow's Edge was around 13% and he'd just enrage after 10 minutes. On this kill I beat the enrage by 31 seconds.

Anyway, the strategy is pretty much straightforward. The ghoul has to tank the demon phases if you want to survive more than one. Leotheras will start meleeing the ghoul only if it gets aggro AND you are out of range of Chaos Blast. It would be a lot easier if Leo could just spam Chaos Blast into the ghoul (90% AoE avoidance) but unfortunately it doesn't work that way >_<
I did the fight in (nearly) full DPS gear with a 18/0/53 spec, and used so many consumables I won't list them. Let's just say I went as far as questing in the draenei starting zone to get 10 ap buffs... Glyphs were Icy Touch, Ghoul, and Rune Strike. No GoD for this fight.

Oh and btw, I'm sorry about the quality. I promise it won't be as bad in the future, I recently acquired a new laptop and didn't configure everything yet.

Musics :
Lucario and the Mystery of Mew - Take your Life
Darling Violetta - Sanctuary

Blog (with other various exclusive kills, like a whole Hyjal clean... I'll be streaming Hyjal on Friday 11, more info there) :
enjoy ;3
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