To mai frainz at Arena-Tournament by Steel
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For all you newfags: this was way before you even know Arena-Tournament existed. Way before Malaco rode a BMW and had bitches. Way before Zage turned 16. Way before BigPwn learned how to turn on his computer. Way before they screwed the server with pointless blizznotlike features. Way back.... yes, gentlemen, in the very SEASON 1 OF ARENA TOURNAMENT, hehe.

Basically, it's a small video made by me (Acrid) during the final week of Season 1 in, as a response to the drama I got for winning the 1st rank spot together with my paladin mate Stige against all the odds stacked against us.

We hit rank 1 two weeks before season end, then the server database crashed, they applied the last back up, and we got reverted to rank 33! But we grinded it back to r1 in one week, taking out everyone on sight. Yep. Every single high-egoed nerd, pretending to be glad on retail. I even got banned by this guy named Kayotics (Sup China!) for no reason after defeating his Warlock/Shaman at 2v2, not knowing he had a GM account (Power Abuse / Conflict of interests much?).

And what else could they do except getting really, really mad at us and try to accuse and "expose" me and my partner Stige as exploiters and cheaters, huh? (something with meta gems according to them).

OK do it. But kids, you bumped on the wrong psycho.
This is what happens when you decide to mess with me. :}



Acrid - Me

Stige (H pally) - my 2v2 paladin partner, who was an ex-GM but was kicked out of the team due to arguments with Malaco. This was the first reason for accumulating so much hatred towards us. Even though his GM account was banned, he was still accused for "adding stats", "modifying gem values" and the 9/11.

Archangel & Meryam - The Paladin/Shaman team which were rank 1 prior us. Also a fun fact: They happened to be my old, old friends, which I have faced before! Personal stuff ftw! :}

Onslaught - a supahero with laser eyes. Seriously, learn to play a fucking offensive warrior

Zolaris - a Deadly Gladiator from some mexican US BG (?!) (can't remember which one), who got really mad, that he can't get r1 in because of me. ("like it's hawt!")

Malaco - Head admin and owner of Also my close friend back then. I helped him with scripts few times. But no, I doubt you remember that, do you, dear Mali?

Kayotix - a GM, who randomly used to ban people for some reason or no reason at all (being pwned on his BRUTAL GLADIATOR warlock mostly lol)

SoV - Seal of Vengeance, aka a forbidden seal back in Season 1, because it was able to literally 2shot people, but it was still usable. Way back then it was too hard for Malaco to learn how to disable spells. :)

7 Professions - Back then professions were still available and some people exploited it and had all the 7 professions learned , instead of just 2 by going to the Dalaran trainers, instead those in Azeroth. A bit later they all got banned. :)

Meta stacking - The hypothetical exploit about which Zolaris, Archangel and Meryam posted like 200 topics in the forum and had caused me giving out my ACCOUNT PASSWORD to TWO GAME MASTERS in order to log into my account. I developed love. :)

GM Zii - The Game Master who had investigated our team and logged into mine and Stige's accounts like ten times

Rank 3 title - Some months later Archangel and Meryam tried to scam Malaco that they have been rank 3 after feeding us to r1 but never got online to receive their titles due to IRL stuff. The truth was they dropped to r8 and ragequitted before the ceremony.

Watch, enjoy and reminisce some legendary history!

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