The Interval: Flashbacks (Prequel) by Steel
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The Interval: Flashbacks (Prequel)

Project info:
The Interval is a story about the lines (and the lack of those) between real life and World of Warcraft and how people change after leaving the game.

This is basically some beginnings of a set of videos which I have had in mind to create, back since 2012, but have been always postponing due to working, studying and etc, combined all under the name "The Interval".

If things go well and I see the point, I will push myself to edit and release all the episodes, revealing the plot. It's OK if at this point you think it all looks weird and difficult to follow. :)

Steel (Tauren male warrior)
Acrid (Human female warrior)
Those both are actually real characters that I used to play with.

It's been more than 5 years since Steel has saw Acrid and has been
been left alone in Quel'thalas with nothing else to do but fishing, as he remembers the last time he saw Acrid.

Email: [email protected]
Skype: steel-ed

I appreciate all comments and feedback.

Currently I'm looking for a female voice actress for the next episodes. If you are interested, please throw me a message at Skype or Facebook.
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