Boostz IV Mage PvP - Fire and Ice by Rushz
Class: Mage | Category: PvP | Server : US - Draenor ( Cyclone )
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Australia's 2nd favorite PvP'er is back. (Russel Crowe is #1, always fightin' round the world).

Late in Season 7 i came out with a pvp video while i was levelling in the 70 bracket, and promised i'd make one when i hit 80.

Well after being lazy, quitting, coming back, quitting and coming back again (all in like...3 months?!?!?!) I finally decided to get into gear and make another video.
This video features:
-Arenas with kermitlol (Priest Mage, as Frost), and a single 3v3 as shatterplay which happened to be our first game with the shaman. Haven't done 3's since cuz we're lazy.
- Duels as Fire
- Bitchin' music
- Small attempts at humor
- Over the top editing designed to distract from the actual gameplay
- 28 minutes of me

A few notes i know will surely arise:
1) I've edited some of the arenas to reduce 'filler' and try keep the time of the video under 30 minutes.
2) All of this footage was taken in about 2 weeks consisting of several days organising duels and about 2 days of arena.
3) Most of the teams are decently rated around our own 2300 pr (2400 MMR) but there is a single 2k rated team (war/pal). I included this mostly to show how we play against said team. Unfortunately we didn't run into any other war/pally team. Either they weren't playing, or they're much higher than us atm.
4) I'm Oceanic, so my latency isn't super, most of the time i'm playing between 200 and 300 ms, which isn't terrible, but there is casting lag.

Otherwise i hope you enjoy it, it was fun to make. A huge thankyou to all involved and to Powerglove and Subjection for the help and critique while making it.

Song list:
The Perfect High - The Qemists
Last of the Wilds - Nightwish (thanks PG)
Hot Ride - Prodigy
Stupid Kill - Legion of Doom
So Long Sentiment - Celldweller
Bring Me To Life (DJ FM New Life Remix) - Evanescence
Bring Me To Life (Mixman Mike s Club Mix) - Evanescence

- Boostz

My previous levelling pvp vid can be found here:
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