Boostz & DrTranlol 2v2 Arena by Rushz
Class: Priest | Category: PvP | Server : US - Sargeras ( Shadowburn )
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Inc Boostz PvP Video
Boostz Drtranlol
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Note 2: This is a 70 XP Off video. This is not TBC footage or endgame footage.

Hey guys,

I know it's been a while since I've come out with a video. This is mainly due to the inactivity of the 39 bracket, as well as the current issues with pvp in both low level and endgame. About 2 months ago while waiting for S11 I made a level 70 priest and hit up the 70 XP-Off bracket. You can play both Rated Arena and RBGS @ 70. RBG's are set-up through forums, 2s and 3s are usually quite active, and 5s can be set-up through request on the forums.

This video contains footage of the 2s matches my partner (Rogue) and I played. There is also a duel series on my 70 Warrior just to give a break in the priest footage.

The 70 bracket is unique in it's own terms of gameplay. Generally it's safe to say the damage and healing is high, because of Cata, but there's also some really good moments that remind me of TBC/Wrath. It's also a great learning tool for endgame (imo), with your ability to react quickly being very important with the numbers flying around.

For those of you who care about ratings, I'm a Gladiator priest on my main (I rerolled from mage to priest in cata because I did not enjoy the new version of the mage class):

That being said, i'll most likely never produce an endgame video on Priest pvp, as I have nothing to add, there are tons of better priests (and players in general) who are better than me who make amazing videos for endgame. I'm here to give you something a little different, a little unique and as usual, to promote the potential of XP Off brackets.

I hope you enjoy the video, it was a blast to make. All pvp footage was taken in 4.2. At end of S10 our 2s team was Rank 1 on our BG at 2411 with an 87-12 W/L.

Lastly, a huge thank you to Subjection for the intro stuff, and to all the players of the 70 xp off bracket.

Song list:
To The Stars (Document One Remix) - Modestep
Nobody's Perfect (Netsky Remix) - Jessi J
I am not the One - I Will Never Be The Same
Where the Dead Ships Dwell (The Qemists Remix) - In Flames

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