Muffins Presents Cataclysm Part 2: Eastern Kingdoms by Muffins!
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Hans Zimmer: Half Remembered Dream (Inception Soundtrack)
Two Steps From Hell: Ocean Princess
Two Steps From Hell: Magika
Epic Score: Siren's Call
Audiomachine: Battle of the Kings
Massive Impact: Call for Heroes
Two Steps From Hell: Titan Dune
Audiomachine: Sands of Time

In case you missed it, here is the link to part 1:

WARNING: The following movie contains footage from the Beta of Blizzard's next expansion: Cataclysm. If you do not like "spoilers", then do not watch this movie.

Sorry for the massive delay on the second installment of the Muffins Cataclysm Movies. I've struggled a lot in trying to find enough footage with the "changes" around Eastern Kingdoms. Honestly there weren't that many; I spent countless hours going back and forth between zones looking for changes and would sometimes come up empty handed. Anyways, I've found enough footage to make another 13 minute exploration movie. I also struggled with the music choices and spent weeks going back and forth between multiple tracks before finally settling on the final soundtrack.

Again, I still believe this is one of the most comprehensive and aesthetically pleasing exploration movies to date. Sure, there are tons of unedited, boring and extremely long movies that explain every change in every zone. That's not what I set out to do here. I want to provide the viewer with a smooth and eye pleasing experience of the major changes, cool quest chains, instances and quirks that I've discovered in the Cataclysm Beta. Everything is in Alt Z mode; there are no interface or action bars or narratives or sound effects.

Zones in order:

The Maelstrom
Deepholm (NEW ZONE!)
The Stonecore (NEW INSTANCE)
Tirisfal Glades
Tarren Mill
Silverpine Forest
Western Plaguelands
Eastern Plaguelands
Loch Modan
Dun Morogh
Redridge Mountains
Elwynn Forest
Stranglethorn Vale

Hope you guys enjoy. Please rate accordingly, too! Trolling, foul language and comments with no constructive criticism are not allowed on WCM and will be reported.
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