Muffins WotLK Exploration Part 77-80 by Muffins!
Class: Shaman | Category: Dungeons / PvE | Server : US - Muradin ( Vengeance )
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Movie Summary
WARNING: The following movie contains footage from the Beta of Blizzard's next expansion: Wrath of the Lich King. If you do not like "spoilers", then do not watch this movie.

Here's the link to the first Beta Movie.

*Please support me, the author by downloading the video/movie in it's entirety. Streaming does NO JUSTICE to this movie, but if you must go on ahead. I guarantee you wished you downloaded it first! Oh, turn up the volume. The soundtrack is epic!*

UPDATE (STORY TIME!) If you've seen the first Muffins WOTLK Beta Movie, I'd like to thank you for your support, private messages, commentary. Shortly after releasing the first WOTLK Beta movie, I was contacted by someone from the movie trailer business. Long story short, he and I met up in Los Angeles for an interview for his company. He showed me all the equipment they use, what projects they were working on, so on and so forth. Although there were no immediate positions, I find it absolutely amazing that a machinima landed me an interview at a very prestigious movie trailer shop. Now, I know what direction I need to take career wise. So many of you tell me I should do trailers for Blizzard, or do this for my profession. I never believed that I had the talent or editing skills (and I still don't think I do), but now I am absolutely convinced I want to make this my career, preferably in movie trailers. I believe that this 2nd movie will live up to the first one's expectations. The editing is a lot cleaner, the music is just as epic, if not better. Again, thanks for all the support and getting the word out for the first movie! Hope you guys all enjoy

Compiled from almost 200 GB of fraps video, I finally compressed it into a 16 minute and 272 MB movie. Like the previous Muffins Explorations from the BC Beta series, I realized that the majority of the Beta movies were shot on private servers or lasted only 3-8 minutes put together in a teaser/trailer format. While many of these types of beta movies had incredible editing and music choice, they just weren't in depth enough. Other movies were not aesthetically pleasing with full interface and action bars in view while exploring or showing instances/bosses etc.

I believe this movie is the most comprehensive and in depth look at the majority of the instances and all the areas from which I leveled from 77-80. Everything is in "Alt+Z" mode, so no interface or action bars to provide the viewer the best scenery in the WotLK. Almost every single area in the known expansion is covered in this movie, there are no shortcuts. The only instances I did not cover is The Violet Eye in Dalaran, it's basically some lame version of Black Morass and it looked boring and short. I didn't shoot any Naxxaramas (revised 10/25 version) either since the models were pretty much the same from the original one, except all the trash were different models. Nothing special there

Zones/Instances covered in order:

Storm Peaks
Halls of Lightning (Instance)
The Oculus (Instance)
Utguarde Pinnacle (Instance)
The Culling of Strathholme (Instance)

Hope you guys enjoy. Please rate accordingly, too! Trolling, foul language and comments with no constructive criticism are not allowed on WCM and will be reported.
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