Shadowpriest Bloodreign Vs. Hakkar + 3 Aspects by Bloodreign
Class: Priest | Category: Other | Server : US - Black Dragonflight ( Stormstrike )
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This is a video of Bloodreign of Black Dragonflight US soloing Hakkar with 3 aspects still alive. As far as I know, this is the first video of anyone soloing Hakkar with more than 2 alive, and possibly the first time it has ever been done alone with this many alive.

This was very difficult and I died a lot attempting it, but there really wasn't anything else to do in the game so I just kept going with it until I finally killed him.

I hope others go and try to do this after watching this video. I did this just out of boredom because I was tired of this 33(?) week arena season which is still going on for longer and I don't like pve and raiding, at least of this expansion anyway.

For anyone else who wants to try this:

Frenzy(tiger), Poison(snake), Silence(bat) is what I left up for this kill. I tried with 4 up just before this and it seemed pretty impossible with the stun paired with frenzy. I think it may be possible to do this with Poison/Silence/Stun though. I might be trying that out when I get a chance one of these days.

Shadowpriests- I tried this with both pve and pvp spec. I had bad mana problems as pvp spec and ended up going and speccing myself for pve to fix that problem. Another smaller problem came up by doing that though, I sacrificed Unbreakable Will which helps a lot against the Aspect of Jeklik. You could just deal with it like I did, or make some new spec with all the mana efficiency of a normal pve spec, but sacrifice something like imp fort/inner fire with it and add glyph of inner fire and just deal with the lost lower health from losing imp fort. He does hit very hard and very fast when you get caught without a shield up and you're silenced. You will dip very very low at times. Put up renew between frenzies if you're able to and try to keep an eye on your inner fire stacks. You don't want to get caught in a full silence without it up.

As for gear, just use the highest pve gear you have and use pvp gear in your offpiece slots (boots/neck/brackers/cloak/belt) if you have it. Use high end pvp weapons too, if you have them available. I tried messing around with full pvp gear and pve gear with survivability trinkets and I just found the best results putting on 4pc t10 and full pve dps trinkets and wrathful pieces in the rest of the slots. My pve gear is kind of old since I stopped raiding like 3 months ago and wasn't really around to get a full set of heroic gear. Heroic ICC gear seems pretty common nowadays so damage output should be much better for raiding priests who want to try this out and have that kind of gear.

Good luck anyone else who goes and tries this after seeing this video!

Check out my other videos I have put up on Warcraftmovies on my author page. I also have a youtube channel! You can watch my World of Warcraft and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 videos there!

*Update 9/26/10* - Just did it with Stun/Silence/Poison (spider, bat, snake) with ease, one shotted with no consumables and as pvp spec. It is much easier with those 3 up if you want to try it with those three as well.
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