Shadowpriest Bloodreign Vs. Ragnaros by Bloodreign
Class: Priest | Category: Other | Server : US - Black Dragonflight ( Stormstrike )
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This is a video of Bloodreign of Black Dragonflight US soloing Ragnaros. It has been done before but there aren't many videos of it out. This was done during patch 3.3.5 of World of Warcraft, two days before the expected release date of 4.0. I wanted to at least do this once before 4.0 when everyone gets buffed up and everything becomes really easy.

This wasn't too hard compared to other bosses i've soloed, it only took a few tries and most of the failed attempts were due to poor latency and flying over the rock by levitating too early or taking too much fall damage from levitate going through too late and eventually having mana problems from having to heal up. I fixed this problem by just standing at range but at a better position in the room where that rock wouldn't cause so many problems with levitate. He spams 6k Magma Blasts if no one is in melee range, but it's much better to deal with that than melee damage, magma blasts, and fall damage with the other strat.

I was almost able to kill him before his adds came at 3 minutes with this strat, compared to him still having around 20-30% health left with the melee range strat. I'm sure anyone else in more current gear would easily be able to kill him before adds come out.

Good luck anyone else who will try to solo him after watching this. It's pretty fun.
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