Nostalgic Universe: An Exploration Movie by Breakkfast
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Movie Summary
For this movie, I wanted to do a throw back to an era of WoW that has been mostly forgotten in the last couple expansion packs, and that's the era of exploration and exploitation. Before there were flying mounts, it used to be possible, through determination and will, to reach places no player was supposed to reach, and this aspect of the game inspired me more than any other at the time. So please, In the spirit of Cataclysm, take 37 minutes to remember this game as it was and hopefully will be again; a game of untapped potential and discovery.

In this movie, expect to see:
-Lots of Wall Walking
-Camera Angles
-Some Funny Clips and Commentary
-Some PvP

In case you don't finish the movie, but want to know the song list, it's:

Waves (Signalrunners Remix) By Nitrous Oxide
Dragonfly Across An Ancient Sky By Helios
Battery Life By Chunk and Twist
Miracle (Michael Cassette Remix) By OceanLab
Flavour (Bare Noize Remix) By Jouce
Focused Locust By Task Horizon
Alive Alone By The Chemical Brothers
I'm Happy, She Said By M83
Yummy Yummy Pizza By ( Also prepare to "wat...")
Never Gonna Pingas By Zack Urman

I hope you enjoy watching the movie as much as I enjoyed making it, except for exporting; fuck you adobe premiere pro!

Made in Adobe Premiere Pro (CS4) And filmed using Fraps

Dedicated to Dopefish and everyone involved in Nogg-aholic

Happy Launch Day everybody!
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