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With Legion release, I thought I�d upload this WoD release leveling video I made with my friends almost 2 years ago. We stayed up for days getting to level cap from release and experienced insane server issues, delirium, and heartbreak. I except no less from Legion, and I�m utterly excited to see how many years I can take off of my life with this one. So in the spirit of insane xpack launches, take some time to relive the WoD release with me, and perhaps learn a little bit about the science of sleep deprivation.

Song list in order (more extensive than the one used in the video):

Sand Canyon 1 - Kirby's Dreamland
Song 1 - Mario Paint
Speed of Sound - Coldplay
Koopa Beach - Mario Kart 64 (Some cover)
7 am - Animal Crossing for Gamecube
kk Calypso Aircheck - Animal Crossing
8 am - Animal Crossing
Ring*Ring*Bang - t+Pazolite
On The Street - Maxo
kk Reggae - Animal Crossing
Fish - Mr Scruff
I Will Always Love You - Whitney Houston
Training - Kirby 64
Cmaj - Jerry Martin (From The Sims 1)
Delightful Spekkio - Chrono Trigger
Ouray - Andy Mckee
Sojourn - Peter Ciluzzi

Thanks everyone for watching! I love you dads!


Alright, people who are still reading, I�m now talking to you directly through the power of narrative voice. If you�ve watched the other video I uploaded to warcraftmovies.com a few years back, I tested their description box character limit by posting as much writing as I could find. As I found out, there was no character limit. You might be expecting me to do something similar this time, but I won�t be. I�ve actually completely changed, and no longer do I lust for the unexplored boundaries of word limits. Much like Neil Armstrong, after reaching the end of my adventure, my spirit plateaued, and I�ve retired to live out the rest of my days in the glory of my past achievements and also with moon dust poisoning. That is why I will not be posting a hilariously long authors comment on this video. It is just not me anymore. That era has ended. I am finally at peace.

Without further ado, here is a hilariously long authors comment:


When I am not playing WoW, I work freelance as an editor and writer for web content for barely any money at all. When I�m actually making money, it�s because I�m Production Assisting on a television show for a little bit more than no money. Working in television has taught me a lot of things, and hopefully, you can learn from my experiences without having to embarrass yourself in front of Gillian Jacobs by wielding only a partially deadly weapon in the great PA gladiator battles.

What I Learned From Fighting The Other PA�s In �The Pit� For My Crew Lunch

Every day at 12:30pm on the Sony Lot, our show�s PA�s and all the other show�s PA�s are submerged into �The Pit� (Behind stage 24) to do grand gladiatorial battle for our right to grab some crew lunch. After the Jeopardy PA�s were all crushed in an unrelated accident on Tuesday, we were given a day off from fighting and I decided to reflect on the tips and tricks I�ve picked up during my time here at Sony. Hopefully, if you ever decide to become a PA anywhere, you�ll be able to use these tricks to make it all the way to the end of the season, granting you the title of Battle Lord and one free Diet Coke.

Look for the PA�s With Ties - They Are The Easiest To Strangle

We�re not here to admire people�s clothes, we�re here to eat, and anything on your person that isn�t a weapon for you is a weapon for someone else. This is why Eric, the naked PA who forged his own crude spear last season of Wheel of Fortune, always gets his lunch. Fancy tie PA�s are also coincidentally the least prepared to counter any kind of strangle, juke out, or stabbing-like move. Grab their tie and pull as hard as you can; if they don�t choke to death from that alone, they�ll at least be vulnerable to Eric when he isn�t busy screaming.

Beware The Set PA�s - They All Have Walkie Talkies And They Are Plotting Together Secretly As One Team

Coordination is not common in �The Pit.� The Set PA�s know this and use their walkie talkies to their advantage to battle as one giant team. Keep this in mind if you ever see a Set PA by themselves in the corner, because it is a trap. It takes a Set PA 30 seconds to get a background actress to drop all of the muffins they snuck into their purse, and it takes them 30 seconds to set up a four man jump attack on anyone who falls for their tricks. If you�re ever forced into a battle with a Set PA, attack their ear to break their line of communication. Without a walkie talkie or 2nd AD, a Set PA is powerless.

Staplers Are NOT Good Weapons - Email The Other Shows� Office PA�s Telling Them They Are

Not all battling happens in �The Pit.� You can prepare yourself an advantage by using time in the office to sabotage the other PA�s with bad advice. Email them an hour before detailing your incredible discovery of the stapler as a valuable weapon that will lead the Office PA�s to victory. During the battle, you can enjoy watching a PA with stapler in hand charge one with a pair of scissors or the blade of a paper cutter that�s been ripped off the board. These are, by the way, great weapons to take with you, so don�t email this to any of them. Of course, this will only work on a daily basis, as even the uncraftiest PA�s will catch on after a few stapler vs blade casualties. Switch up your advice with some of these other suggestions: coffee cup filled with hot coffee, can of La Croix (mango flavored), to set football filled with paper cut into the shape of weapons.
With this advice, you won�t go a day without lunch ever again, and when you earn your title of Battle Lord, remember to have blood pre-smeared on your face to save the APOC the hassle of having to collect the blood for you. This will look good to the audience of producers clapping.


As you might have guessed from my work, I live in Los Angeles. This means I get 7 ping on Tichondrius, but it also means I go 7 mph on the freeway to work. Here is a guide to traffic if you ever find yourself �driving� in Los Angeles.

Beginner�s Guide To Driving In Los Angeles

At first glace, it might seem like Los Angeles is entirely populated by cars. This is however, not true. There are actually clinically insane people inside those cars �driving� them. With one hand, they spin the steering wheel to swerve between lanes, and in the other, they check their cell phone until they are upside down on the 405 blocking ten thousand people behind them from getting to work. If you are planning on driving in Los Angeles, you�re already dead, but by giving this FREE beginner�s guide a thorough read through, you might just end up taking four hours to drive a mile down La Cienega instead. Lesson one is to always be going, so let�s move on to -- Holy shit watch out the first lesson is changing lanes into you out of no where!


The first thing anyone will teach you about threats is learning how to identify them. Think of each car on the road as a warning sign. You need to know what each one is warning you of to always be prepared for the chaos that surrounds you. It�s like bird watching, if birds spent most of their time crashing into things or just not moving at all. I�ll assign every type of driver with an insanity rating, and then an anger inducing rating. The metrics for these will make sense after half your hair falls out on your first drive home from work.

The Mom SUV:

Mom SUVs are prime targets if you want to see someone stop in the middle of an intersection, block two lanes of traffic, and then nearly hit three people trying to dart back into a lane at the last second before the light turns red. I once saw a Mom SUV just stop in the middle of a mall parking lot exit in front of a line of dozens of honking cars until a cop had to come and pull her over to the side and ticket her. If you told me these cars aren�t solely piloted by the worlds first and worst automatic driving AI, I wouldn�t believe you if it weren�t for the JC Penny catalog model I see in every single one of these cars.

INSANITY RATING: 3 Flipped Over SUVs out of 5
This driver causes much more harm to themselves than they ever will to other people, unless you�re physically hurt by witnessing the dumbest things you�ll ever see in your life.

ANGER RATING: 1 Hilarious Story out of 5
Sometimes, you just need someone to laugh at, and watching a Mom SUV try to parallel park for 20 minutes straight is like the lemonade from life�s lemons.

The Illegal Immigrant:

The entire California economy is based on the assumption that people will triumph over adversity and the criminal justice system to cross the boarder into the United States just to work for you at a severely discounted price. Because of that, we have to take a moment to thank these people for making it possible for the rest of us to live here with only some insurmountable debt. I�m not sure entirely how it works, but I don�t think you can get a drivers license or car insurance without being a citizen, which is probably why you will almost always see this car driving 10 miles per our under the speed limit and being as cautious as possible without taking your car apart and just putting it back together at the place you were heading to. This makes a lot of sense to me though. You definitely don�t want to get pulled over without a license, and you definitely don�t want to get into a car accident without insurance. But please, for the love of god, we all need to make it through this green arrow and it�s taken us 2 minutes to get half way across the intersection.

INSANITY RATING: 0 Roped Up Tool Sheds out of 5

There is nothing even remotely insane about this driver. It actually makes so much sense, everything in the surrounding area becomes more insane by comparison. When an Illegal Immigrant drives by a gas station, the prices change to 1 dollar a gallon or 6 dollars a gallon, whichever one sounds more insane to you.

ANGER RATING: X out of 5

Base your Anger Rating on your own personal racism rating on a scale of 0 Donald Trumps to 5.

The Hot Shot:

As bad as I make Los Angeles drivers sound, none of them are actually trying to be bad drivers. None of them want to get into accidents, or block intersections, or slam on their breaks randomly on the freeway for no god damn reason and piss some people the fuck off. They are all, for the most part, decent human beings just trying to drive their hilariously awful best. Well, not the Hot Shot; he�s actually trying to kill you. He doesn�t like the car you�re driving, so he�s gonna pull in front of you and flip you off going 100 miles per hour and he will murder you both if he has to. Fuck you for not having a 100,000 dollar sports car, hot shots rule!

INSANITY RATING: 6 Literal Sociopath Murderers out of 5

The Hot Shot cares not for your traffic laws, human safety, or your so called, �social morals.� He is above them all, and he will stop at nothing to get his way while driving. According to the Hot Shot, he�s won at everything he�s ever done in life, which is why he has such a cool car and aviator shades. In fact, you the reader sucks at life because you don�t have these things, and that means it doesn�t matter if you get crashed into, cut off, ran over, flipped off, pulled over into a swampy marsh and buried forever in the deep, or honked at. These guys wear suits while driving, because they�re coming straight from douche bag HQ and they haven�t had time to change into their party clothes yet. Don�t mention the hair though, or you are a DEAD man!

ANGER RATING: 2 Required Anti Depressants out of 5

Prepare to be screamed at, and adjust the length of your middle finger accordingly. Most of the time though, you�ll just be shocked into a depressed state that such a person can even exist. You�ll soon however take solace in the thought that they will one day drive off or into a cliff so it doesn�t really matter how terrible they are now.

The Vegan:

If you�re from a state that doesn�t start with New York, one of the first things you�ll notice about Los Angeles is that every third car is a Prius. You�ll also have to take a moment to learn what a vegan is, because that�s who�s driving them. They are quiet, gentle people who have strong opinions about ways to benefit the earth and all living things in general, and above all, they believe in unconditional peace and kindness. However, you�ll quickly figure out that this is a facade as soon as you�re aggressively cut off by the Prius with a million bumper stickers in the Trader Joe�s parking lot. This is either explainable by a dietary lack of what most of the world�s population call food, or because veganism is less a way of life and more a thing you talk to your reluctant barista about at Starbucks. If you want to be more efficient, you can also just wear a turtle neck sweater and shave only one side of your hair, then you don�t need to tell anyone. Never be fooled by the docile appearance of the Prius. They�re looking for effective solutions to beat the traffic, and coexisting with you is not part of the plan.

INSANITY RATING: 2 Vegan Bacon Wrapped Hot Dogs out of 5

After you�ve become disillusioned to everything you know about Prius�s, you�ll never be surprised by them. And, with the price of gas in California, can you really call the driver of a hybrid car insane?

ANGER RATING: 1 + How Close Your State Of Birth Is To The Middle Of The Country out of 5

Prius�s aren�t trucks, and they certainly aren�t driven by good ol� boys a just tryin a� hoot and a holler with their friend Whopper McKenzy Jackson. If that sentence was less a joke and more a window into your life, you�re gonna be pissed.

Everyone Else:

If you�re not a Mom SUV, an Illegal Immigrant, a Hot Shot, or a Vegan in a Prius, you�re one of the hundreds of thousands of Everyone Else on the road. You�re one of twelve people at the intersection watching the chaos of the 2012 six seater Lexus try to back up into their lane after driving into oncoming traffic. You�re getting flipped off by the Hot Shot. You might even be getting flipped off by the Vegan. Who knows? You�re just minding your business, trying to get to work, not causing any trouble, just basking in the hell on earth that is your 50 minute commute to your job 3 miles away from your house. More likely than not, this is you, cause for every uniquely identifiable driver on the road, there�s 1,000 Everyone Elses.

INSANITY RATING: 12 Miles Per Hour out of 5

Scientifically, it shouldn�t be possible to fit this many cars into a city, and yet, here we are. Einstein wouldn�t be able to explain what kind of quantum mechanics cause a city block of 10 houses to require 40 cars to park on the street. Even in parking structures 20 stories high, there�s cars trying to park in the fire lane on the roof. Shit, if cars were water proof, Venice Beach would just be cars lined up to park in the ocean. I�ve lived in this city my entire 23 years on this planet and it blows my mind every day still. I get to work and home from work just thinking to myself, �How the fuck is this even possible.� It�s a trick question me, because it�s not.

ANGER RATING: 666 Hitlers out of 5

What scum bag, demonic, dark piece of shit from the depths of a fiery primordial hell-scape of this universe created a world in which this could happen? It takes but a fraction of a second while in traffic to go from a good mood to screaming at the anonymous sea of cars around you in all directions. Your anger will echo across them, like conductors of misery, and you�re just another car among them, helping the anger spread. Everyone is. Los Angeles is like a perpetual anger machine. It�s where karmic religions believe you�re reborn if you commit mega murder rape. Satan wouldn�t live here. You know what, fuck caring about all the other drivers on this list. Everyone Else is the real worst one. Now if you�ll excuse me, I�m going to anger scream at myself.


Los Angeles is an unforgiving city in many aspects. It's difficult to find work, it's impossible to afford a place to live, and homeless people won't stop trying to sell you street tacos. If you want to really nail that all important job interview so you can pay rent on your car and car shaped apartment, follow these easy steps.

5 Easy To Avoid Mistakes Everyone Makes During A Job Interview

It�s not easy landing that elusive job interview, and since you won�t necessarily know the questions you�ll be asked in advance, preparing for one can be a stressful experience. However, there are 5 mistakes people make all the time that are incredibly easy to avoid. Getting these out of your interview habit will put you a notch above the competition and bring you one step closer to getting that dream job.

This can be you if you don't make these easy mistakes

1. Don�t Pull Down Your Pants Mid Interview And Take A Shit On The Floor

We�ve all been there before. You�re in the middle of something important but you really need to use the bathroom. A normal person might pull down their pants and take a shit right where they�re standing, but that sort of behavior is actually considered rude during a job interview. Believe it or not, companies don�t want their conference rooms smelling like a freshly laid piece of shit, even if no one actually cares about it. Think of it as more of a formality thing. A company might like to pretend they are �above� that sort of behavior, even if it�s completely normal to do. Hey, you live and you learn, right? Never make this mistake again.

2. Avoid Talking About Your Time As An SS Officer At Auschwitz

Past job experience is highly valued, and every employer is looking for someone to hire that they know has been successful at a job they worked at previously. However, there�s no reason to mention that you were once an officer of the Schutzstaffel at the polish concentration camp Auschwitz because, let�s face it, it�s boring. You and everyone else has this �job� on your resume and making a deal about it signifies that you�re not that unique after-all. If it�s the only other job you�ve ever worked, mention what your plans and goals are instead, or talk about any clubs or activities you attended or managed during school. This is 10 times more interesting to a company than the same story about how you saw a prisoner turn into a rat and scurry away that everyone�s already heard a dozen times over from everyone else.

3. Don�t Be Afraid To Stab Yourself With A Sword To Prove You Are Invincible

We�ve all been there before; the interviewer finally asks the dreaded question, �So, what are your weaknesses?� and you blank out on what to say. You and everyone else has probably thought during this moment that puncturing through your entire body with a sword to prove you have no weaknesses is not really worth the effort and might be too cliche of an answer. What you may not realize is that is exactly the answer they are looking for. Someone who isn�t afraid to give the best response, even if it might seem cliche at the time, is the perfect candidate for any job, and it demonstrates that you didn�t just bring your sword with you to look like a hot shot. Next time you interview for a job, watch the smile on the employers face as you rend yourself with the gargantuan weapon as if it is no big deal at all, and feel the success of immortality rush through you. You are SO hired.

4. Make Sure Your Handjob Isn�t Too Passionate

There�s nothing wrong with giving a tender kiss to both greet your potential employer and bid farewell, but if your interview handjob is too passionate, you�ll come off as desperate for work. We understand that you might really want the job, and so will everyone else, but a very passionate handjob is a sign of weakness, and every schmuck interviewing for the job is going to be putting their entire heart into theirs. Instead, give a relaxed but firm handjob as a sign of your confidence, both in yourself, but also in your ability to really nail the interview. A good employer will be impressed with your courage to not go overboard and really bring the interview to a nice smooth finish.

5. DO NOT Tell Them Where The Diamonds Are Hidden. That Is Our Secret.

Look, I know you really want to tell someone. The excitement of knowing something so secret and mysterious must keep you up at night, but you must not tell anyone where the diamonds are hidden. Yes, not even in your job interview. It�s not worth it and it never will be. Those diamonds are ours and ours forever and no one else will lay a finger on them so long as their secret location remains hidden for all time. It�s true that no one else is going to come into their interview with exclusive knowledge of the hidden location of millions of dollars worth of pure diamonds, but standing out from the crowd isn�t worth risking all of that effort we put into finding the perfect hiding place for them. Let this just be a warning to you. Don�t do it. I swear to fucking god if you tell someone about those diamonds.


Finally, Los Angeles is a very important city in a very important state. It's actually the only cool city on the west coast according to Los Angeles. We're so cool, that presidental candidates rarely ever visit us, because they know that we've already made up our minds and we're voting for the coolest candidate no matter what. Check out these cool reasons to vote for the coolest candidate, El Presidente Trump. I am not being sarcastic at all!

5 Reasons Why Trump Is The Perfect President For America

The 2016 presidential election is a very hot topic of discussion today, and I thought it would be important to take a break from writing joke articles to write a serious one instead. There�s no joking about it, really, because what is there to even joke about when it comes to Donald Trump? He�s an impenetrable wall of charisma, professionalism, and pure class. His hair even looks like gold leaf. What do the other candidates have? Hair that looks like hair; an absolute metaphor for just how numbingly up-front they are about their policies and political philosophies. Trump is more than up-front. He�s up-up-front, which as you can see is one more up better. That is just what Trump is - one more better - which brings me to these reasons he will be the perfect president for America and maybe even the World (we�ll see how it goes).

His Wall Will Keep Out More Than Just Human Immigrants

We all know about Trumps now famous plan to build a wall along the United State�s boarder with Mexico and Mexico�s total acceptance and willingness to fund this wall. But, what you didn�t know about the wall is that Trump�s plan does more than just keep out human Mexican immigrants. It keeps out all species of Mexican immigrants, and that includes the scary ones like spiders, snakes, and scorpions.
Mexicans are scary, but not nearly as scary as a spider or some kind of half spider half scorpion that can both spin insanely huge webs and has pincer claws. These Mexicans don�t even have tiny sombreros or make tacos, they just look terrifying and are a danger to everyone around them. Currently, these Mexican nightmare immigrants have unsupervised and unregulated entry into our country through our boarder and no kind of enormous electric death wall is there to stop them. Trump knows this, and like most Americans, lies awake at night thinking about all kinds of scorpion, snake, spider combos that are entering our country. That is the source of passion behind his wall plan, and something that only Trump can bring to our country through his presidency. The wall will also stop any spiders or scorpions riding on the back of a coyote or tortoise. Let�s also build the wall first before we think about scorpions riding on birds, as that is just too terrifying a proposition at this moment.

Trump Is Insanely Rich And That�s Cool

Being rich is super cool, and you can�t talk about Trump without using the words money, gold, or super zeppelin. He is always wearing a really fancy suit even when I�m imagining him doing something sick like sky diving or shark hunting. Just having money makes you a cool and interesting person, period, but Trump really takes it to the next level by having even more money. It baffles me that Bernie supporters don�t understand or appreciate that Donald Trump has a lot of money. How delusional can you get? Visit the Trump obelisk in the Nevada desert and tell me you are not basking in what could only be described as a feeling like, �Wow, having a lot of money is really cool.� If you don�t understand what this has to do with the presidential election then I don�t know what to tell you besides that you�re probably not that cool. Sorry.
After Doing Three J�ger Bombs He�s The Only Candidate I Can Still Understand
We don�t have time in this country for long winded, boring, by the books candidates spewing out their typical grey political rhetoric especially after most people, like me, have done three or more J�ger Bombs and can�t understand what the fuck anyone is saying. That�s not the case for Trump though, as I can still make out pretty much the gist of what he�s getting at. Some kind of a wall - gotcha. He knows relatively what he is doing and will make it better - loud and clear. Yadda yadda economy yadda yadda who gives a fuck - reading ya all the way buddy. Two plus two is four? Fuck. Yes. Whatever it is he�s talking about, fuck yes. What the hell is that old woman next to him even saying? If anyone knows, it�s definitely not America.

I Named My Pug Donald Trump And He�s Really Cute So Now Every Time I Think About The Actual Donald Trump It Reminds Me Of My Dog And It Makes Me Happy

It�s time that America was actually happy with their president, and nothing makes me happier than thinking about Donald Trump who reminds me of my very adorable pug puppy who is also named Donald Trump. He has really droopy skin and spins around in a circle when he gets excited which, if you saw it, is incredibly adorable. He also makes ridiculous breathing noises even when he is standing still. Really, just an all around cutey-pie and a great little pup. Every time I see the actual Donald Trump on television or in an online article, I think of this guy right here beside me, drooling out of his hilariously malformed pug mouth, and it just makes me smile from ear to ear. Wow, Donald Trump would be the perfect president for the United States if he can make me this happy just by his mere connection to my pug puppy also named Donald Trump.

Trump Would Look Good In One Of Those Old-Timey White Wigs Like The Founding Fathers Used To Wear And They Were All Perfect Presidents

All of Americas five or whatever founding fathers were some of the most perfect presidents in human history, let alone American history, and one thing they all had in common was that they wore really long white old-timey wigs. I�m not saying Donald Trump is literally a founding father, because he�d have to be thousands of years old, but he would definitely look sharp and proper in one of those old-timey wigs. Look at any picture of America�s first dozen or so presidents from the ye-oldey-times and they will be wearing one of those wigs, and they are unanimously considered to be perfect presidents. If Trump put on one of those wigs, people would immediately agree that he would not only look like a perfect president and a spitting image of the founding fathers, but he could play the part too. None of the other candidates could even come close to this, and they all personally know that if a founding father saw them in one of those wigs looking like a smug little shithead, they�d shoot them right on the spot. If they saw Trump, they�d bow to the ground right then and there, relinquishing their sacred arms and what ye-old scrolls and or decorative mugs they�d have, to bear witness to what they�d presumably consider to be the most perfect president of all time.

In Closing

Trump might be the president that America needs, and is above and beyond the best candidate, but let us not forget that most Americans are very stupid or even in extreme cases, Mexican or African American. It is not guaranteed that America will vote for the president that is best for them. Please really consider these five powerful points and let them persuade you over at least a couple days to vote for Trump when the time comes. Otherwise, something else will happen, and if I knew a little bit more about the election process, I�d probably be able to tell you how scary it would be. In other words, just vote Trump. Do it. Okay thank you goodbye.


What a whirlwind of characters stretching limitless across this "wall of text." Will warcraft movies ever change the character limit for their author's description? Find out next video. Thanks for reading and thanks for watching if you actually did either!
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