2600+ Feral Druid Arena(cataclysm), Vallops PvP 7 by desprate99
Class: Druid | Category: PvP | Server : US - Shattered Hand ( Ruin )
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desprate99's Arena Team 1
Vallops Octta
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I didnt mean to leave in the part where i said Ferals were balanced, I meant to take it out, I only considered them balanced due to the fact someone told me we got nerfed, so i assumed so, after realizing were still OP, i forgot to go back and change it. This video was filmed in one day, and edited in about 15 min. I DID NOT WANT IN THE SPOTLIGHT ON THIS VIDEO, i ONLY filmed this because people asked me to show a glimpse of Feral Druids in Arena, I didnt want to show a skill video, I didnt want to show awesome editing skills, just wanted to show Feral Druid Arena, Feral Druids are OP atm until Resil starts to kick in on people, ive noticed bleeds ticking for 3k on 3000 resil players, rather than 10k, However i still stand my ground on DKs being ridiculous against healers, Necrotic Strike Spam is hard. In WOTLK i got 2600 in 2v2, and 2300 in 3v3. MMR is bugged in this video, which boosts our rating by...alot, however in this video we never left a game before it ended when we lost. Because apparently if you did that you didnt lose MMR. I hope this Summary will change your mind about crying in the comment box, we all know their Op and just go to the forums, if you want to say something bad about the video in the comment box about my skill no one is stopping you only remember that All the classes are still getting used to a new playstyle. Sound Track at the end of video.
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