2700+ Feral Druids run 2300+ Rated Double Feral Druid on the TR ( Meow Meow Cleave) by desprate99
Class: Druid | Category: PvP | Server : US - Arena Tournament
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Movie Summary
What you can expect, awful editing, some players were multi R1 gladiators, some players were multi gladiators and some players were prob just 2200+. The players who we say are glad. are for sure.
We feel like complete assholes for running this team to 2300 Team Rating, and have become hated by Arena Tournament Realm 1. Giggle.
1st Match is against Rshaman Warrior
2nd Match is against Rdruid Warrior
3rd Match is against Rshaman Warrior. These guys we know are glads.
4th Match is against Warlock Rogue
5th Match is against Rpaladin/Dpriest
6th Match is against Rdruid/DK
7th Match is against Double DK/ one of them is a multi R1 Glad.
8th Match is against Mage/Rogue
9th Match is against Rshaman/Warrior
10th Match is against Double Rogue (Mahiko, Wushimon said hes well known)
11th Match is against Multi R1 Glad Mage/Dpriest
12th Match is against Fdruid/Rshaman
13th Match is against Dpriest/Rogue, we think its Mahiko again.
14th Match is against Rshaman/Warrior (with skype)
Thanks for Watching!!!
Song list is at the end. U want it. Watch it.
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