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Movie Summary
Random Act of Violation here to bring you a 30+ min movie showing nothing but exploits. We worked hard and it took us a very long time to find these exploits so we hope you enjoy the work we put into it.

Tools: Fraps, Sony Vegas Pro. 8


Auto Unstuck:

/click HelpFrameStuckStuck

New D/C Macro:

/console setcurrency 392 -1

Guild Bank Macro:

/script for s=1,80 do _G[format("GuildBankColumn%dButton%d", ceil(s / 14), s % 14 + 1)]:Click("LeftButton") _G[format("GuildBankColumn%dButton%d", random(1,7), random(1,14))]:Click("LeftButton") end

Otherworld Macro: (Accepts bg port & d/c's you)

/run AcceptBattlefieldPort(1,1);
/console setcurrency 392 -1

It took us 2 months to find these exploits and record.
1 week to edit the video.
5 Hours to upload.

Heres our mmowned.com Post

We would like give special credits to those who helped the RAoV Team.


ProdFTW from MMowned

Freerum from MMowned

Esko from MMowned

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