RAoV 4.2.2 WoW Exploits by RAoV
Class: Unknown | Category: Underground | Server : US - Anvilmar ( Nightfall )
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Movie Summary
WoW exploits performed on live US realms.

Tools: Fraps, Sony Vegas Pro 9.0

The time has come to make a new RAoV movie, after some hard months of exploiting we found so many exploits. Unfortunately, this is not all of them, but we want you to know we are still here working almost every day to find exploits for the public.

In this video we show many types of exploits, some which have been found before but fixed, some never heard of, and some very beneficial. We wanted to show a wide variety of exploits and we think we hit our goal. Thanks to our new member Imperious Videos, Leniox, for showing us the Fel Reaver exploit, we where able to find many things with it.

RAoV is still recruiting, looking for a new generation of exploiters, so if you wish to join just send and message to either this channel, Shortstuff910mc or to Omo's channel, VotuUS.

There is a download link to a TXT file below, this was for RAoV only but not we are releasing it. This file contains some guild bank exploits that where not released in this video, simply because we did not have the time to record nor the resources to do so.

If you wish to donate to our team, to help us find more exploits, please contact me or omo. Please subscribe and give us feedback, we love to hear what you, the public, opinions are on our exploits.

Lag Macro:
/script for s=1,80 do _G[format("GuildBankColumn%dButton%d", ceil(s / 14), s % 14 + 1)]:Click("LeftButton") _G[format("GuildBankColumn%dButton%d", random(1,7), random(1,14))]:Click("LeftButton") end



RAoV's Addon:


Please Feel Free to Visit our mmowned/ownedcore.com Thread

Thanks for watching and stay in tune for more updates.
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