Bandet 4 by Bandet
Class: Hunter | Category: PvP | Server : US - Darkspear ( Cyclone )
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Movie Summary
From the Hunter that brought you the infamous 1 shot mage video who got aimed shot nerfed (I kid...) comes a new world PvP video.

This video follows my tradition of world PvP videos. This is roughly 80% world PvP and 20% non-rated BG PvP.

Currently, rocking the MM spec as it is the only reliable spec for a hunter these days.

What this video has:

1. Many, many 1vX's (X being between 1-6)
2. Highest recorded LEGIT crits in PvP in WoW (To my knowledge)
3. Massive exploitation of terrain to gain advantage in World PvP.
4. An actual use for camo (Who would have thought?)
5. King Kong and Godzilla Hunter pets!
6. Hardcore PvE action!!! (I killed a spider.)

1. The Last Firstborn
2. Mind Heist
3. Ray
4. Switchback
5. Own Little World, Reborn Remix

Addons used are listed and identified in final "Credits" scene.
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