WTF 2's! by Bandet
Class: Hunter | Category: PvP | Server : US - Anub'arak ( Whirlwind )
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Bandet's Arena Team 1
Bownage Roflologist
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Level 80 WOTLK Hunter/Retribahealadin arena.

The 2's comp I was running was Hunter/Paladin.

This was filmed in season 6, after SV Hunters were cut "To the ground" from the great nerf of season 5. Playing a hunter in 2s wasn't exactly a smart thing. I did it anyways.

I never really uploaded it before. I didn't make many movies in WoTLK as I abhored arena PvP, and there was very little world PvP.

Also, if you see me backpedalling, don't hate. At this time, deterrence was only a frontal cone so hunters had to. :(

The paladin made up his own spec. We called it a Retribahealadin. Basically, he was ret, but he wore about 65% holy gear. This resulted in his instant flash of lights from art of war do massive healing, as it combined sheathe of light + lots of base spellpower. Also, this meant he had about 10k mana. Most rets have about 3k. Ret mana regen was balanced around them having that much, as all their mana regen was % based. When he did this, he gained back an enormous amount of mana, and could heal a shit load. This also made his judgements and hammer of wraths hit like a truck.

This was on Anub'Arak server, and my name was Bownage at this period, not Bandet.
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