Bandet BG by Bandet
Class: Hunter | Category: PvP | Server : US - Darkspear ( Cyclone )
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Movie Summary

Two things:

1. This is a 100 NON-RATED BG MOVIE!

That entails everything that goes with a non-rated bg, including but not limited to bad and undergeared opponents, big crits, engineering, and people on both sides jumping into fights.

If you dislike any of the above and are going to flame me for fighting bads, go ahead and save everyone some time and walk away now.

This is intended to be a fun "Frag" video. If any skill is shown it is completely unintentional. Watch it for what it is.

2. The first half of the movie is a full-length BG that was sped up during the non-combat scenes. I specifically included this for several reasons:

1. I did not cut anything to confirm continuity
2. I wanted to show BG's are not just 115k aimed shots.
3. Allow the viewer to see some of my "Raw" PvP, uncut and unedited so they can see mistakes I make.
4. Give a better idea of how I play BGs.

The second half of the movie is more typical "BG" movie things including big crits, ninjaing flags, that sort of thing.

1. Rise Against, Survivor Guilt
2. Rise Against, A Gentleman's Coup
3. Some Techno song I don't know the name of
4. Demon Hunter, Collapsing

Prominent Addons:

Nameplates: Doc's nameplates
UI: Xperl and bartender
Buff timers above nameplates: Platebuffs
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