Bandet 5 by Bandet
Class: Hunter | Category: PvP | Server : US - Darkspear ( Cyclone )
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Movie Summary
I know another video was not expected of me, because I, you know.. quit. But, nonetheless, here is Bandet 5!

A little about me:
I am a Hunter. I hunt things. I do not play arenas competitively because I do not enjoy arenas. That is why I make bg/world PvP videos. Hunter PvP in a hunter's natural environment.

This video was made from clips that I had previously recorded while still playing, but hadn't been made into a movie yet. It was either this, or delete them. Naturally, I just couldn't!

Almost all of it is pre-4.2 from when I still played on Darkspear.

This video follows my usual style of BG and World PvP clips, as well as a "WSG Aimedshot" segment that everyone loves.

However, while Bandet 4 was mostly Me vs. >= 3, this video has a lot more long kiting sequences versus anything between 1 and 3.

I also show several 1v1s, which I do not NORMALLY show because of how overpowered a well played hunter is in 1v1, but I figure if people have the audacity to make mage videos and claim to be skilled... why the hell not? At least my class can't be played with a steering wheel.

My general pet of choice is the monkey for the blind utility which is one of the most versitile, as well as its ability to break rogue stunlocks, which is why I keep it out. If I am using a bird, it is either because there was a hunter nearby, or I am just trolling the guy.

Any addons I used would be listed in my "Bandet Addons" video, and my macros are described in "Bandet Macros". No, the flashing stuff next to my character is not an addon.

1. Rise Against - Survive
2. Guru Josh Project - Infinity
3. Realfaction - Clearing the Skies
4. Ratatat - 17 years
5. Skillet - Live Free or Let me Die

This is a battleground/world PvP video. This includes but is not limited to the following:
Potentially Undergeared/Underskilled opponents
Big crits
People jumping into fights, both friend and foe
Bigger crits
Use of Engineering and other shenanigans
Exploitation of overpowered hunter self-healing abilities (o.O)
Movement over large areas, in some cases using a mount.

If you do not approve of these things, stop here and walk away. You have been warned!

Thanks to Nolan's rendering tutorial, else my video would have easily been double the size.

How many times does master marksman proc in this video?


Aren't I glad that I'm forced to spend 3 points in that talent....
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