Cornfakez 5 by Cornfakez
Class: Mage | Category: PvP | Server : EU - Test Server EU (PvP)
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Cornfakez's Arena Team 1
Cornfakez Tedracutez
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Cornfakez's Arena Team 2
Cornfakez Magzi/Mikko Tedracutez
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Hey everyone!

This is my last arena movie.

I wanted to finish it much earlier but due to a couple of rl issues it unfortunetely took about 4 months now.

It mainly contains Ele/Mage and Ele/Mage/Disc with my good friend Tedracutez.
90% of the games are played against top, high rated AT players.

Footage is 4 months old or older. I've actually quit AT since they completely resetted the server.

Played on Arena-Tournament (Warmane).
(3 games were recorded on Frostmourne)

State Of Mind - Flash Point
Kaimo K - Angel Fly
Axiom - Kalis Prayer

I'm planning this for some time now and I want to change my way of making movies. I don't want to have big projects over several months anymore. I want to edit just right when I'm in the mood and when I have time.

So on the side I've already been working since the start of this year on Cornfakez 6. It's gonna be a pure wpvp movie again. I'm gonna only focus on it now and it will be my final movie. Maybe I can finish it this year.

Further information will come with Cornfakez 6.

See ya around!
- Corn
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