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Hey guys!

I started this project pretty much one year ago. I just paused it while I was working on Cornfakez 4 & 5. And hell yeah it's finally done!

So as already mentioned in my previous one this will be my final movie. I just can't take it anymore putting so much time and effort into this kind of projects and I'm also kinda losing interest in the game. But I'm glad I've made it till the end and didn't cancel this one tho.

I want to thank everyone who has been taking the time and watching my movies.

Fate/Stay Night - Keiyaku
Deceptic - A World Unknown
Five Star Grave - Death Put A Smile On My Face
Clutcho - Avoid (Initial D Soundtrack)
Blood Stain Child - Ag2o'
Great Teacher Onizuka - Ending 2

Actually I planned to make an EX as well but since I recently uninstalled WotLK I won't be able to use any machinima software anymore.
So I'll probably just be uploading the leftovers on Youtube from time to time.

I also deleted all my hours of various arena footage because I probably wouldn't have edited it anyways and I'm not gonna upload unedited stuff or things which doesn't fit to my idea of quality.

So thanks so far if you've read until here and now thanks once more for watching :)

I hope you enjoy!

- Corn
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