Shadowlands RAP SONG by fabersoul
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very excited for shadowlands so i made this rap song, got more i working on. ill be releasing an album for it.
my youtube:

Ardenweald, the darkened mirror
of the emerald dream
Its tendrils gleaming
Full of several creatures
That are spectral beings
In the world beyond this dark horizon
A being with magic of forbidden
Arts is rising, he, our hardest crisis
In revendreth are gothic spires
With creepy whispers
And haunting choirs
And vampiric creatures that the gods have sired
And it is all but dire
A home for the prideful
Those who fell to their flawed desires
Now found in this lawless mire

Darkness, who will come save us in
Darkness, who will come save us from

Maldraxxus, freehold of the scourge
Known to be cursed with unholy rebirth
Full omen and lurking and ghosts of the purged
If you dare come roam be alert
The venthyr , a sinister covenant
Only the toughest are studying under them
They feed off the pain and the suffering
Only the fittest survive with these ruffians
Upon us death is marching
A sinister wretched darkness
In his realm of eternal torture
A d endless hardship

The helm of domination
Cracked and shattered
In half and battered
Now a gateway to the shadowlands
Where phantoms gather
A narrow passage
To these hallowed pastures
But not all can go past it
It's a place that once before
We had no access
Full of malevolent wretches
When enemies enter
They're dead within seconds
You'll end up as members
Your head'll get severed
And you will forever regret that
You went in

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