Rogue PvP RAP SONG by fabersoul
Class: Rogue | Category: Machinima | Server : EU - Kazzak ( Misery )
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Movie Summary
A remix to Book of Rhyme by Eminem Warcraft version "Fan of Knives"

i dont wipe , i dont frown
ninja pull or get too down
i was here, so were you
you came and went i stuck around
im emptying
my book of rhymes
get em all in one crit
with a one shot macro i win

im coming at ya like a cobra to get ya
i've been nice now ima give you the venom
if you wanna race, im gunnin
round house kick to the face and stomach
you should have known all your chances
going against me, rogue and assassin
i got soaking axes
and poisons for your open gashes
you see me creeping, when im close i vanish
then i poke your bladder
hit you with the cheap shot
and then your throat gets slashes
heads rolling backwards
im sick of you b*tches that
just try to f*ck with me
motherf*ckers wanan come at me
wanna beef, all you p*ssies are wanna be's
when i spit it, you suckers bleed

Like beef in ramin ima dice em
kamikaze b*tch im bombin like im !5!5
cold hearted i be ballin like the night king
with the crit chance
i think fast, got quick jabs
i got daggers jagged like zig zags
y'all get your ribs stabbed
got you bozos sapped
this is cloak and dagger
you should have run but now the moments passed
and now your throat gets slashed
you do not want a part of this
im gonna show you what darkness is
youre deep in this sh*t and you started it
im gonna show what the meaning of martyr is

aimed for your guts when i came to you sudddenly
straight from the shadows i maimed you with subtlety
what i bid you is the pain and the suffering
im grade A you an underling
you aint above of me
dont a lock to assist me
ima have you chopped up in this crit streak
watch when you hit me
ima lay you down with 3 shots to the kidney
listen i get it, im the guy you hate
i got blades that'll slice through plate
im the dude your chick would just
like to date
dont you get the hint?
you aint my nemesis
when compared to me its evident
im a veteran, hit you with crits
then i rip you to shreds
y'all against me could never win
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