Hottest Blood Elf NA. TBCC s4 2.7k Rogue/Priest by Likeaneedle
Class: Rogue | Category: PvP | Server : US - Whisperwind ( Rampage )
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Likeaneedle's Arena Team 1
Lunyx Eldeenaekil
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I’ve finally decided to go through last month of season 4 2s footage to compose a pvp video made in old-school style.

Here is what you can definitely expect:
Broken vanishes
~30 seconds cc chains
Arcane torrent shenanigans
Glaives x2 wielded by hot blonde female blood elf
Arenas in the range of 2.4-2.8k MMR

Do not expect:
Undead or Human rogue POV
Perfect execution (sadly I am over 30 y/o in the end)
Crazy editing

The comps you can encounter while watching:
Rogue / Druid (R)
Rogue / Druid (F)
Rogue / Priest (D)
Rogue / Mage (F)
Rogue / Rogue :’(
Warrior / Druid (R)
Warrior / Paladin (H)
Warrior / Shaman (R)
Paladin (R) / Shaman (R)
Mage (F) / Priest (D)
Mage (A) / Priest (D)
Mage (A) / Shaman (R)
Warlock / Druid (R)
Warlock / Priest (D)
Hunter / Druid (R)
Hunter / Priest (D)

Have a pleasant watching!

Cheers to everyone who got on camera xD See you all in WoTLK Classic.

I know 45 minutes is quite a lot but believe me I did my best to squeeze the best of the footage ending up cutting quite a number of decent games not to go overboard
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