Enter The Void 2 - Voidim, Rank 13 by voidim
Class: Mage | Category: PvP | Server : US - Aggramar ( Vindication )
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This is my second video, and the second installment to my "enter the void" series. I received a lot of both negative and positive feedback regarding my first flick, but decided it was just easier to take neither into account. I spent the time to put this together so I just created something that I enjoyed, if you can't dig you can't dig it, that's how things work. I spent the time to make it but your also spending the time to watch it, so you are free to judge, but I would ask that you not be too quick to do so. My main goal here was just to create a unique, entertaining, and cinematic PvP experience. There are some silly things in here: pointless slow-fall kills, mindless Org ganking, MC Cap killing, blowing all my CD's in skill-less naked fighting etc. If your trying to pick apart my abilities, which may or may not be showcased well, your not going to have any fun. Just turn up your sound, sit back, and relax.


Song List:
#1: Rjd2 - Smoke and Mirrors
#2: The Mars Volta - Cicatriz ESP
#3: Rjd2 - Chicken Bone Circut
#4: Rjd2 - True Confessions
#5: Talib Kweli - Just to Get By
#6: Jeff Beck - Loose Cannon
#7: MF Doom - Figaro

Gear used: http://ctprofiles.net/1907385


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Spell Allert
Nature Enemy Casting Bar
Adapt (3d profiles).
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