Enter The Void 3 - Experience. Voidim PvP by voidim
Class: Mage | Category: PvP | Server : US - Aggramar ( Vindication )
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Warning: This particular part of the series is entitled "experience" for a reason, namely as a brand that this is suppose to be a cinematic/visual movie. That means you'll be watching an intro, cutscenes, listening to uncharacteristic PvP music etc. If you can't handle that kind of thing in a pvp movie then don't bother with this video.

My only real goal when making these three films was to make something unique, each time, so that means trying to differ from even my own original methods. If
you liked one of these videos and hated the rest I'll call it a success. My only advice, which I have given each time, is to sit back, turn up your speakers, and

have fun

Song List:

1. The intro scene has 3 songs blended together, all by Opeth.
a. "For Absent Friends"
b. "Windowpane"
c. "Bleak"
2. Paul Oakenfold - "Children" (only breifly)
3. Jeff Beck - "Earthquake"
4. Paul Oakenfold - "Zoo York"
5. DjShadow - "Dolphins Were Monkeys" (only breifly)
6. Paul Oakenfold - "Game Master"
7. Paul Oakenfold - "Switch On"
8. Dilated People's - "You Can't Hide You Can't Run"
9. RJD2 - "Work"
("only briefly" means it was just a transition song, only played for a few seconds.)

On a side not I tried to upload this to GoogleVideo 10+ times (using different renders), but each time I either received a "failed" notice, or produced a glitchy video. This particular upload isn't too bad, just "skips" over most of one of the fights..
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