Muffins Beta Exploration Level 60-68 by Muffins!
Class: Warlock | Category: Other | Server : US - Muradin ( Vengeance )
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Compiled from almost 200 GB of fraps video, I finally compressed it into a 21 minute and 310 MB movie. After watching numerous Beta movies, I realized that the majority of them lasted only 3-8 minutes put together in a teaser/trailer format. While many of these types of beta movies had incredible editing and music choice, they just weren't in depth enough. Other movies were not aesthetically pleasing with full interface and action bars in view while exploring or showing instances/bosses etc.

I believe this movie is the most comprehensive and in depth look at the majority of the instances and all the areas from which I leveled from 60 to 68. Everything is in "Alt+Z" mode, so no interface or action bars to provide the viewer the best scenery in the Outlands and the isntances. I chose not to show the first instance in Hellfire Citadel and some minor areas in the leveling parts of Outlands to slightly shorten the movie.

Places/ Instances covered in order:

The Dark Portal
Hellfire Peninsula
Blood Furnace (Instance)
Underbog in Coilfang Reservoir (Instance)
The Slave Pens in Coilfang (Instance)
Shattarath City
Terokkar Forrest
Mana Tombs (Instance)
Sethekk Halls (Instance)
Shadow Labyrinth (Instance)
Caverns of Time (Instance)

Hope you guys enjoy, look out for Part 2, where I will be covering lade's Edge Mountains, Netherstorm and Shadowmoon Valely when Blizzard decides to patch it in game. I'll also try my best to get the level 70 instances in Hellfire, Coilfang, Auchindoun and Netherstorm as well. If lucky, maybe some raid content too.

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