Muffins BC Exploration Part 2 (Lvl 68-70) by Muffins!
Class: Warlock | Category: Other | Server : US - Muradin ( Vengeance )
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Second installation of a thorough and detail look at the level 68 to level 70 content in BC. I also took a ton of footage in every single level 70 five man instance and included it in the video. I also included multiple shots and animations of a level 70 epic mount on the ground walking/running and in flight as well.

I have yet to see a BC movie this comprehensive and in depth with the level 70 instances and areas. Like the first one, everything is in "Alt+Z" mode, so there is no interface or action bars to provide you with the best viewing experience of the Outlands and the instances.;6256537;;/fileinfo.html

21 Minutes at 307 MB

Areas/Instances covered:

Flying Epic mount
Blade's Edge Mountains
Tempest Keep in Netherstorm
The Botanica (Instance in Tempest Keep)
Mechanaar (Instance in Tempest Keep)
The Black Morass ( Instance in Caverns of Time)
Shattered Halls (Instnace in Hellfire Citadel)
Steamvaults (Instance in Coilfang Reservoir)

I hope to cover unopened areas such as Shadowmoon Valley and some 10 man and maybe even 25 man content in the future. Hope you guys enjoy! .
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