Herostan - R14 UD Rogue by Herostan
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I started making this movie back in september when i got rank14, and then lost interest in WOW and never completely finished it, i only bothered to finally edit it becuase of a few friends in game who asked me to. I know its a big file, but i edited it on a friends PC whilst i was home from uni over christmas, and he had to go back early, so we didnt have much time and there aint much i can do about the file size now :(. I kno its big but its worth it :)

The movie shows how i played the game, nothing you see in this movie is arranged, or anythin different to what i spent most my time doing. This is how i played the game. Its mostly 1v2/3/4's.

Talents are 31-8-12

My gear is pretty much PVP gear, HW daggers, rank12/13 set, then WSG bracers and AB belt, don julio's and legionnaire's, trinkets vary scene to scene.

Mods are: carnival, SCT, stunwatch, energywatch, bongo's action bars, nurfed ui and in a couple of scenes ag_unitframes.

Also at the time i was going through a very stressful situation and had a lot to deal with, unfortuneatly i became addicted to thistle tea ;P.
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