Muffins BC Beta GM Event by Muffins!
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Here it is, the final BC Beta event hosted by all the biggest GM names on the PVE Hellfire server. I've seen a few similar beta end event movies put out by other people and found them all to be unsatisfactory and lacking in content so I decided to compile and create one.

I start out at Shattrath city with tons of random outdoor bosses and "population control" mobs. We then head to TM for a huge zerg battle with the alliance along with Thrall and more Doomwalkers, Kazzaks, etc. We then headed to XR and had numerous alliance bosses+population control mobs spawned. GM Tyren, Eyonix and other??? lead us to STV arena and finally to IF for a final showdown with the alliance. The final scene is a quick "flashback" of all the cool boss kills in Karazhan and numerous 5 man instances that we've encountered in our time in Beta.

Runtime is about 8 minute and 30 seconds at 227 MB. I've also included a livestream link for people too lazy to download the movie. It's highly recommended that you download the filefront link though!.
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