Tactical Guide - Lady Vashj Vs. Dark Ritual by Tamzin
Class: Warlock | Category: Dungeons / PvE | Server : EU - Stormreaver ( Cyclone )
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Everything you need to know to kill this boss and save yourself weeks and weeks of wipes.

Phase 1: zerg the boss down to 70%!

Phase 2: deactivate the shield generators so the boss is taken down to 50%!

Phase 3: nuke the boss from 50% down to 0%, avoid the green shit the bats above you will rain down on everyone! TIP: In phase-3 spam the space bar! jump jump jump the whole time and you get rooted in the air so the green poison can't touch u so u can keep DPSing and take no dmg :-P

Have fun!
1. Matt Darey - "Gamemaster" (Mandrake Chilled remix)
2. Airwave - When things go wrong (original mix)

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