Tactical Guide - Illidan by Tamzin by Tamzin
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Everything you need to know to kill Illidan Stormrage, last boss of Black Temple, is shown in my movie. I hope some guilds find it useful, and good luck with your Illidan kills! :-)

As I write these words only 6% of raiding guilds has seen Illidan, I can't bare to see the Naxx situation happen again with people perhaps never seeing Illidan. That's not a critisism btw it's just many soft-core and casual guilds simply don't have the time to wipe for weeks on a boss. But especially now that the attunements are removed, many guilds, including those more soft-core and casual guilds, will be pushing to Illidan more than ever. So I felt it was the perfect time to release an Illidan tactical guide full strategy movie, so that any guilds who have not downed him yet can make use of it if they wish.

► All 'Premium' and WCM's own stream links are to version 2 of the movie and are recommended. If you want to stream it use the WCM stream do not use the FileFront one as it warps the aspect ratio and is just shit, but the WCM HQ stream is nice and is widescreen and is v2 :-)
v2 High Quality Download version is the same as the one in the premium download links, and is recommended.
► The DivX 540MB Medium Quality version, is v2 of the movie but at a smaller file size and lower quality than the high quality version obviously.
► The .mp4 180MB Medium Quality version, is v2 of the movie but at a smaller file size and lower quality than the high quality version obviously. This ver is actually the direct download of the WCM HQ stream ver. To play this version you'll need to use VLC media player for Windows.
► The Director's Cut version is the same as the normal v2 high quality version, it just has a lore intro sequence added, which I haxed together from promo movies, other people's movies, early Warcraft games mixed in with WoW character animating, and various other bits and bobs to try and keep the lore geeks happy who kept asking me to put in a lore intro, so if you're into that kind of thing get that version, if not and you just want the strat guide ASAP then get the normal version.

00:00 to 05:25 - Intro, phase & ability great wall of china text listing.
05:25 to 11:10 - Phase 1
11:11 to 16:25 - Phase 2
16:25 to 18:20 - Phase 3
18:20 to 21:35 - Phase 4
21:35 to 26:00 - Phase 5
26:00 to ending - credit roll & out takes.

I would like to extend a special thanx to WarcraftMovies.com for hosting the movie scene, to BossKillers.com for bits of text I ninja'ed from there, and to Essence my ex-guild. Shoutz go out to DXII and Lunar, miss you guys (sometimes)! Full music listing is in the end credit roll of the movie. Also just wanna say a quick something about Blizzard, where they can't ban the post; first off thanx for making WoW, I've had many fun times in it. Secondly, seriously WHY do you patch all the machinima makers tricks with the camera? Can't you see, machinima helps your bottom line ffs! Why keep trying to nurf us out of existence with every patch?!

Please don't think me rude, but in an attempt to try and cut down my PM/whisper traffic, I have added the following information...

Many of the questions people ask me over and over are answered in the interview and article WoWInsider.com did on me, so pls head over and read that before you PM spam me with silly questions!

15 Minutes of Fame: Tamzin's strat videos for the masses (part 1).
15 Minutes of Fame: Tamzin's strat videos for the masses (part 2).

And, please please please stop PMing me asking for a photo of me, I'm getting like 20 a day asking it and it gets kinda old/annoying! So, I've added a pic of me here if you wanna see the face behind the voice.

۞ Please note I have 99% quit WoW and am playing Age of Conan now, so if you want to contact me directly don't try to do it in game, just PM me here on WCM! ۞

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Lady Vashj tactical guide:
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