WIPE ON GALV 2 PvP Trailer by Muffins!
Class: Shaman | Category: PvP | Server : US - Muradin ( Vengeance )
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*EDIT* This is a Trailer, I accidentally named it movie :(

Here's a quick 1 minute and 6 second trailer of our 2nd world PVP movie. This movie is all group PVP in IF/SW and the other major alliance cities and actual wipes on the alliance in Galv's room in AV.

The WILL WIPE YOU ON GALV guild consists about about 8 core players. We actively seek out ways to fight insane amounts of alliance while keeping our party or raid to a minimum. Whether it be trying to wipe afke'rs in the alliance cave in AVs, to holding out the Alliance AH's in SW/IF for 30 minutes at a time, to defending Captain Galv in AV, we enjoy enjoy playing against ridiculous odds and huge zergs.

Here is a link to our first movie


Hope you guys enjoy :) and please rate accordingly. Anyone who downrate with no constructive criticism will be reported :(((
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