In Frost We Trust by Dw�rv
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First of all, if you did not see the trailer yet, you can do it here.

In case you have already seen the trailer, you might have an idea, why this guide claimes to be slightly different.
Let me point out some more facts, to make it more clear to you:

You will not see any uber skilled frost mages in this guide, no yawdropping pulls, no 15+ groups of mobs being slaughtered (if that's what you're lookin' for, check the credits).
One thing that we wanted to show in this guide - beside many others - is the progress of an average player rolling a mage with close to zero knowledge about this class. A player that might stand for most of the viewers of this guide. The lessons, hints and advices that worked for this guy made it to the guide. The questions he had and the answers his personal trainer gave him made it to the guide. Or, in other words: If you want to teach a noob - ask a noob...

Another thing is the prologue, in which we show Flim leveling up to 20. This will not teach you anything about AoE grinding, but is meant to entertain you - and loosen you up, before we get down to the nitty gritty - and to make the guide complete from the level point o' view...

The hidden quests mentioned in this guide have nothing to do with AoE grinding again. They are more like a "bonus", plus the viewers with no magical ambitions will not leave the cinema with empty hands ;)

Some shots from the trailer did not make it to the final version. I wanted to keep the guide as straight as possible, so I did cut out another 3 minutes. It hurts me more than you, believe me...

Finally, keep in mind that a stream never looks as cool as a downloaded version...
My advice : stream as a preview - you like - download - fullscreen ;)

Enjoy and
May The Frost Be With You

Edit: started working on "In Frost We Trust - Horde Addon".Estimated time of release: November 2007. You can stop PMing me about this now ;)

Additional edit: after six month in offline mode I'm back now. Horde addon is almost done, will be onscreen in april.

Final edit: Done. Follow the yellow brick ro - ehrm - follow the link below...

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