The Frost And The Curious aka In Frost We Trust - the horde add-on by Dw�rv
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First of all, if you haven't seen "In Frost We Trust" allready, I highly recommend you to do it now. Just click on this link.
Scientists have proofed, that watching this add-on without knowing "In Frost We Trust" leads to mental disorientation and serious puzzlement in 97% of all cases.
So do yourself a favour - click the link.

To all the others: Hello, it's nice to see you again, and I am honored that you came back for more. Now, what can you expect from this add-on?

As the name says, it's an add-on. It's not a stand-alone movie, it's an enhancement of the above mentioned movie.
In other words: Don't expect any explanations that have allready been given in "In Frost WeTrust".
Don't expect to see all the spots up to level 70 (in fact, Lost Rigger Cove will be the "highest" area you will get to see).
Don't expect hidden quests or "how-to-obtain-free-pet" annotations.(That doesn't mean I didn't try. I made a clown out of myself more than once by spamming /chicken to all kinds of suspicious poultry. The thing that came closest to a free pet was the stunned rat I picked up at Bael Modan. It ran away after I released it.)

What you can expect, is this: The Horde grinding spots up to level 34 (plus some you allready know from - you know which movie). Annotations concerning patches 2.3.2 and 2.4.0. Vin Diesel voicesamples. The "Junior Grinding" recipe and words of wisdom.Popular questions being answered. Plus some music that hopefully comforts the taste of the masses again...

Well, I think, that was enough brambling around.
I wish you a good time the next nine and a half minutes


May The Frost Be With You.

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