Unlimited Escapism vol. 0 Trailer by BaronSoosdon
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Unlimited Escapism vol. 0: Shock Your Senses

This is a trailer for the upcoming UEv0: Shock Your Senses. In tradition to the series, it will not have any point or plot. More information about the movie will come when it is released (I estimate about two or three weeks from now, even more if it needs the time).

- = = [ 0% PLOT -- 0% POINT ] = = -

UEv0 will have guest stars in one form or another and currently the list looks like this:
Chaosvex (aka Btcc22)
Time Gnomes

Olibith & Chaosvex have both edited their own scenes for the movie and they do kick ass :)

Snoman & Dopefish gave me some model & map changes to use.

The Time Gnomes are used under Rurikar's permission. The TG sections will not be related to the previous TG movies, instead they should be considered as "fan art".

More information about this movie (preview pics etc) and for other brainless stuff, please visit my blog.

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Questions? Suggestions? An idea how to kill a murloc?
Send me a PM here or catch me at IRC - QuakeNet server, channels #warcraftmovies and #machinima

NOTE! Please do not watch the movie from the YouTube stream (the first link). It totally destroys the audiovisual quality of this trailer. Instead download the file or use the Stage6 stream if possible.

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