Unlimited Escapism vol. 0: Trailer 2 by BaronSoosdon
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Movie Summary

This is the second trailer for Unlimited Escapism vol. 0: Shock Your Senses.

The actual movie is coming out next week.

Unless there are any technical difficulties or something that is equally sucky.

This video is supposed to be short, after all this is a t-r-a-i-l-e-r.

You can watch the first trailer right here. For more pics and info about UEv0:SYS, pay a visit to my blog.

Music used:
Charlie Clouser - Convoy

Every beginner or pro machinimaker is welcome - come and chat with us at #machinima @ Quakenet IRC.

. : : Coming soon! : : .

The movie is rendering at the moment - 64% done and about 10 hours left. I will release it ASAP once I've confifmed that everything is perfect :) Stay tuned at my blog or #machinima @ quakenet for updates. Kthxbai!
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