The Grand Experience - The Burning Crusade by Grandeath
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This is the followup to my last movie "The grand experience".

I had a hard time explaining my last movie, what kind of movie it was. Just like this one it's not a pure one-subject movie, not only pve, not only pvp, but not just pvp+pve either. If I would have to boil it down to one subject, I guess it would be that the movie is about having a good time! Let me try to tell what the movie is. It could be divided into these "chapters" or "themes" if you will, even though some of these lasts only a few seconds:

* Memories of Azeroth
* The dark portal
* Real warriors
* New adventures
* Ashbringer
* The slaughter of Nihilum Fanclub
* Face the pain
* Gd tanks all
* Gladiators
* Insight and moving on
* End credits

As the names suggests, they are not all that serious either, while some are.

The most common comment i got for my old movie was that it was "weird but good" :D and I think, and hope, it's somewhere along those lines the opinions will be. I made this movie, like my earlier movie, first and foremost for myself. As a entertaining way to keep memories of my wow experiences. But I really hope you like it to! Enjoy the show :)

Movie is 840x524, 30 FPS, 2000 kbit video, 256 kbit sound, 18 min runtime, 310 mb.

Can find newsarticle here:,the_grand_experience__the_burning_crusade/

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