The Sunwell Experience by Grandeath
Class: Paladin | Category: Dungeons / PvE | Server : EU - Magtheridon ( Conviction )
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NOTE: This is NOT "The Chronicles of Nihilum: Kil'jaeden" That movie is created by Chaosvex. Read more on the delay of that movie here.


Experience Nihilum beating Sunwells six bosses through the POV of GD, a holy and protection paladin!

This is what you will see on each boss:

Kalecgos: Holy spec. Tankhealing, some ffa (free for all) healing.
Brutallus: Holy spec. Burnhealing. Healing players with shortest time left on their burndot.
Felmyst: Protection spec. I tank adds in phase 2, in phase 1 I just keep 3% critjudgement up and do some low dps.
Twins: Holy spec. I tankheal the warlock tank.
Muru: Protection spec. I tank Voidspawns (small adds) in phase 1, in phase 2 I keep up 3% critjudgement while doing some low dps.
Kil'Jaeden: Holy spec. I tankheal the warlock tank with some ffa healing in between.

Don't be discouraged by the holy light spamming and the lack of 10k shadowbolt crits - look around during the fights, experience the chaos and brutality of Sunwell, see the Nihilum members do what they do best and enjoy the movie!


Kalecgos + Brutallus: Syna - Face of God
Felmyst: David West - Make You Mine
Twins + M'uru: Adam Nickey - Perfect Destiny
Kil'jaeden: Tiesto ft. BT - Break My Fall.
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