Untouchable Rogue 1: Mother Shahraz by Gaeowyn
Class: Rogue | Category: Dungeons / PvE | Server : US - Illidan ( Rampage )
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Movie Summary
This video is the product of my efforts to build a very specific rogue gearset: to pass the avoidance cap and be completely unhittable by a raid boss without relying on procs or cooldowns like evasion.

Mother Shahraz was my first test due to the nature of the fight... with the raid in shadow resist gear, I had a good chance of holding aggro. Fortunately I held 900-1000 TPS during most of the fight.

Warning: I know that tanking videos from any class can be boring to watch. Nonetheless I tried to show most of the fight for authenticity, with a few cutscenes from other perspectives. (pssst I also put in a clip of tanking Illidan)

So far as I know, something like this hasn't been accomplished yet (tell me if I'm wrong), hopefully I'm bringing up something new.

My stats while raid buffed?
76.31% dodge
12.16% parry
14.16% to be missed
1250 agility
Gear List: http://www.warcrafter.net/sandbox/57319

Breaking the cap was the easy part. Fitting as much expertise rating as I possibly could (for tps and dps) while staying above the cap was more tricky, and was ultimately the goal of this project. I would have liked to finish off a 19x delicate crimson spinel set to upgrade a few other slots, but this does alright for now.

I know this won't work in Sunwell, but I have plans for similar videos... at least until they nerf this.

Special thanks go out to:
All the terrible, unreliable, and/or emo tanks my guild has gone through that gave me the idea to do it myself.

Kaoz for proposing and pushing the idea, and my guild for going along with it.
And Tarranus for recording some of the clips.

Q. No heightened senses or enveloping shadows for reducing spell damage on your armory build?
A. I only have 1 talent point to spare for either enveloping shadows, master of subtlety, or heightened senses. I went with increased damage after breaking stealth for the next boss I'm doing (5-man gruul). Otherwise, I rate heightened senses above enveloping shadows.

Q. Buff/Debuff list?
A. Grilled Mudfish, Scroll of Agility V, Elixir of Major Agility, Imp MOTW, Imp GoA, Blessing of Kings, NE Racial (1% dodge), Scorpid Sting, Insect Swarm, 5% base miss for a boss.

Q. Song List?
A. Disturbed - Inside the Fire; MC Hammer - U Can't Touch This

Q. What's next?
A. I'm taking my buff group to Gruul's lair to see if we can 5-man it with perfect execution. Any mistake, a cavein at high growths, will wipe us. Bloodboil is also on my hitlist.

Q. What's the HUD in the middle?
A. PowerAuras addon, it's tracking the status of my important buffs so I'll know immediately if something fades. You can see early in the video I pop ghostly strike to cover for insect swarm when it turns red.

My second video has been completed! 5-man Gruul, World First
You can also watch my pre-tbc video: solo brd at level 60... so close to 100k views!
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