Untouchable 3: Illidan Stormrage by Gaeowyn
Class: Rogue | Category: Dungeons / PvE | Server : US - Illidan ( Rampage )
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Movie Summary
Rogue tank Gaeowyn versus Illidan Stormrage. Be sure to watch and rate the first two videos of this series: Mother Shahraz and 5-Man Gruul

Gaeowyn(Armory) Illidan US Realm
76.31% dodge
12.16% parry
14.16% to be missed
= 102.63% avoidance from physical attacks
My tanking gear: http://www.warcrafter.net/sandbox/57319

Q. Buff/Debuff list?
A. Grilled Mudfish, Scroll of Agility V, Elixir of Major Agility, Imp MOTW, Imp GoA, Blessing of Kings, NE Racial (1% dodge), Scorpid Sting, Insect Swarm, 5% base miss for a boss.

Q. What song is used in this video?
A. Chevelle - Forfeit

Q. No No NO! You can't add avoidance this way!
A. This is a misconception that a lot of people have tried to argue, but has been proven repeatedly through testing. The game uses a single roll table that holds all the possibilities: (dodge, parry, miss, hit, crit, crush). Avoidance gets first dibs on that roll table over hits crits and crushes. Say for example I have 80% dodge 10% parry 10% miss. The game would roll 1-100 and if it lands on 1-80 I dodge, 81-90 I parry, and 91-100 it's a miss. The actual avoidance I need is 101.8% for a raid boss, and I have enough avoidance to push hit crit and crush off the roll table.

Q. What was that cheat death that we didn't see?
A. There actually is a hidden chance to be hit (confirmed by a blizzard poster), it's just very very small and is usually a non-factor with cheat death. It doesn't give me any problems because it's less than once every boss fight from my experience and the chances of two within a minute are pretty low.

Q. Are you making a new video?
A. It's unlikely that I'll make another. There is only so much that can be shown with rogue tanking, it's the same thing every time... stand there, dps, and don't get hit. I don't want these videos to get too boring and ruin it all.

Q. So what content did you record that we'll never see??
A. Archimonde (fear ward rotation). Bloodboil (1 offtank since I can't avoid the disorient). Reliquary of Souls phase 1 (cooldown rotation to counter the -500 defense). 2-man Garr, plus Baron Geddon w/ FR (thunderfury farming). Magtheridon.

Q. You're never on your rogue! wtfz log on!
A. I rerolled to my holy priest to cover for my guild's shortage of healers. You can find me on [email protected], or ask your questions on my guild's forum http://shards.stfu.ca/forum There are already several topics which may include everything you want to know about rogue tanking..
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