Making a WoW movie 1 by Akuu
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I want to give a big thanks to WM for featuring my video and all of you whom have liked it so far, I really appreciate it :D. As requested, I made a filefront mirror that allows you to download the movie as opposed to live streaming.

Here I quickly edit and render a short wow movie.

I briefly go over a few things in Sony Vegas 8 such as: Transitions, Text, Zooming and Freezing a frame.

I also go over how to render (what format to use and what settings to choose) the video to good quality format while maintaining low size (12mb/min).

I have the Rendering part and the Product part at the end of the video but I also have them separately as mirrors.

I was thinking about making some more "wow movie editing tutorials" and would like feedback on a couple of things:

1. Do you like the music+text, or do you want voiceover? (yes/no)
2. Could you understand anything/everything or did you have to pause once in a while? ( rate me 1-5 )
3. Did you like the music? (1-5)
4. Do you want me to make more&better wow movie editing tutorials? (yes/no)
5. What would you like to see in the next tutorial? ( text editing, zooming, chromo keying, intros, pvp, pve, etc )
6. Was this helpful (yes/no,1-5)

I started playing around with Sony Vegas couple days ago, this is my first actual "movie".

Track list:

Ronald Jenkees - Derty
Ronald Jenkees - Super-Fun
Ronald Jenkees - Almost Undamaged
Lost Tribe - Gamemaster (Michael Woods Remix)
Ronald Jenkees - The Rocky Song Remixed

Programs used:

Sony Vegas Pro 8.0
Fraps 2.9.4
Camtasia Studio 5

Need help with Sony Vegas??

A guy on youtube has very funny and beginner friendly tutorials with voiceovers
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