Lasthope, Your best 'almost but not a wipe' moment by Akuu
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Movie Summary
A thread on the Wow Eu forums inspired me to do this.

The thread is titled "Your best 'almost but not a wipe' moment" and can be found here:

Anyway, whilst reading said thread, I remembered a man named Lasthope who made a video about a situation described in the thread. I just couldn't help myself to make a little 'spoof' out of it :)

The video itself is quite old, all the way from the 'Molten Core' days, however, I hope you enjoy it.

Oh and, you might want to play with the volume a bit, to get it at an appropriate level. Enjoy!

The --ORIGINAL-- video can be found right here on WM, made by "Lasth0pe":

Please Note:
I am not the original author and merely edited the original footage to make a little spoof/parody for fun and so it would be enjoyable to watch for nostalgic or otherwise reasons. I originally intended this movie to be watched by a handful of people in the Thread on the wow EU forums from where I got the inspiration from and so I declared this movie non-recommendable and also so it would not pop up in the latest movies released thingy (which it doesn't, btw). However the movie was somehow picked up again and featured as 'todays' (relative term) spotlight. I consider most, if not all, 'epicness' generated by this 'Remix' directed towards Lasth0pe and his spectacular feat and take no credit for his original footage. However, I hope you enjoy this Remix for what it is, "Just another hilarious movie".


Because I was requested to name a few songs, including the "wtfboom" sound, I will be adding them to this description for everyone else to see too:

Track List, in order of appearance:

Naruto - Battle Music 1
Naruto - Gyakuten(cool fight music)
17 - Sneaky Jade Suite
Michael Jackson - Billy Jean
Britney Spears - Gimme more
Mobile - Montreal Calling
Mobile - Montreal Calling -> continued.

WTFBoom sound -DOWNLOAD-:

( Please don't hold me or WM accountable for ANY harmful or otherwise effects this site and/or download may cause to you or your computer in any way ).
PS: I downloaded the "wtfboom" sound from here and seems to be just fine. I provided this download link solely for those interested.

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